Our Favorite Horror Stories

Everyone usually has at least one great vacation tale of woe. Here are a few of our favorites:

"We had decided to splurge on a two-day stay at Maui's Grand Wailea Resort. It was fabulous! On the final day of our stay, my husband treated me to an afternoon of treatments at the Resort's super spa. It was my first spa visit ever, and I emerged feeling relaxed, pampered and beautiful. We checked out of the hotel, and everyone piled into our rental car for the forty-minute drive to our next hotel on Kaanapali Beach. I switched on the air-conditioning and began telling everyone the intricate details of all the spa treatments. Five minutes later, in the midst of my story, the kids started to scream in the back seat. Awakened from my spa-induced dream, I looked up to find ants, eggs, and larvae being blown out of the air-conditioning vents in both the front and back of the car. What started as a small trickle quickly turned into a torrent of ants and eggs. We were covered! There is nothing so gross as being covered by ants, eggs and larvae right after you have just had the most pampering experience of your life!" ~ KidTravel

"Last year, we planned a four-day trip to the Florida Keys for the Christmas holidays. We flew into Ft. Lauderdale on the day after Christmas, only to find that our rental car company had seriously overbooked. At 11 a.m., there were 25 people in line ahead of us ... and no cars. By 2 p.m., only 4 cars had been returned. At 3 p.m., some of us who weren't using vouchers were shuttled to another local rental car agency and were given cars at our agreed-upon rate. We called our hotel in Key West to tell them we would be late checking in, and were told "no problem".

Traffic through the Keys was horrific. We arrived at our hotel at 8 p.m., and the agent suggested that we have dinner on the house while we waited for our room. Our two kids were exhausted, but we took them up on their offer. When we checked back at the desk an hour later, we were told that the hotel had overbooked and that they would find us another room for the evening at their expense. After being bounced around to two other motels that were supposed to have rooms but ended up being sold out by the time we got there, we finally landed "the last room in Key West" - a room with one double bed next to a biker bar. The story has a happy ending though ... we complained at the hotel the next day and they gave us another night in an upgraded room free of charge." ~ Go4It11111

"Three years ago, we booked a last-minute 3-night spring break trip to the Bahamas based on an ad we saw in the paper. The reservationist sold us on a place in Nassau that was supposed to be a first-class hotel right on the beach ... and great for families. The place turned out to be anything but. Our room was bug infested, with serious plumbing problems. The phone didn't work, and the whole hotel was really run down. Every other guest we met was also unhappy. We complained to the hotel management, but they said that since it was the weekend it would take a couple of days to fix the problem. Rather than get stuck with a horrible vacation, we bailed out and found a nice room on Paradise Island. The rest of our trip turned out great, but after numerous complaints to the vacation company we booked with, we never did get our money back on the other hotel." ~BagsNShoes

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