FAMILYHOSTEL offers families unique ten-day summer learning and travel programs to foreign countries. In its sixth year, FAMILYHOSTEL is run by University of New Hampshire Continuing Education, operators of INTERHOSTEL. Programs include presentations, hands-on workshops, sightseeing, culture, recreation, native arts and crafts, nature and wildlife, and social activities. Cost includes roundtrip airfare, all activities, meals, family-style accommodations, and ground transportation. Groups are kept small--five to ten families--from throughout the United States.

FAMILYHOSTEL programs are designed for families with school-aged children (especially ages eight to 15). Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult, whether it be the parents, grandparents, or aunts and uncles.

FAMILYHOSTEL is a wonderful opportunity to learn about a foreign culture by living it! More than a group tour, FAMILYHOSTEL combines learning experiences with recreational, cultural, and social activities that give you and your children a close-up look at the country you are visiting and its people. It's a special opportunity for you to share with your children and/or grandchildren the unique learning experiences that come from overseas travel...and it's knowledge your children can take back to their classrooms. The experiences you share as a family will bring you closer together...with memories for a lifetime.

Accommodations are suited to families--selected because of their easy access to major attractions, parks, woods, and playgrounds. You'll stay in one location, or at most two locations, and avoid the tiresome aspects of packing up, checking out, moving, and checking in every day. Half- and one-day excursions allow you to visit other places.

You'll receive suggestions for pre-trip projects and readings and a scrapbook for photos, educational materials, and other items that your family picks up along the way.

For more information, check out their web site Travel with INTERHOSTEL and FAMILYHOSTEL

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