Destination Area

Many people planning reunions or intergenerational travel decide on a destination first, and then locate homes or condominiums for rent in the area. If you're thinking about a specific destination for your trip, make your first call to the area's Visitor's Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, or Convention Center. This organization would often be more than happy to send you a free vacation or trip planner filled with information on rental agencies, transportation, recreation areas, restaurants, tours, hotels and attractions. Coupons or other discount certificates may even be enclosed.

Make sure to also check websites such as Travel America Online for additional information. You'll be surprised at how many of these destinations have complete internet sites! No more waiting for information to arrive by snail mail!

Park Locations
State and National Parks can be super locations for family reunions and intergenerational trips, but make sure to plan far in advance. The gorgeous scenery and reasonable prices keep families coming in droves. Popular places go very fast.

For one of our past winter trips, we took my parents and our children to one of the beautiful state parks in West Virginia. This state park operated property in Canaan Valley had a beautiful lodge with an indoor pool, restaurants, activities for children, and skiing on-site. Best of all, the prices were half what we would have paid for a comparable privately-owned resort! With its beautiful mountain location, the lodge is even more popular during the summer months.

At some of the leading national parks, such as Yellowstone in Wyoming, reservations are handled by a private company. In the case of Yellowstone, it's Amfac Resorts, which operates lodges there and in other parks. For more information, call (307) 344-7311.

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