We've talked to the experts and here are some travel tips to make that dream vacation come true...

Vacationing together is an enriching experience. It can serve as a memorable way to celebrate a special occasion or achievement. Travel is a unique and creative way to bridge the generation gap for both parties. The youngsters have the benefit of being in the care of someone they love and trust while visiting new places. Grandparents appreciate the thrill of experiencing a destination through the eyes of a child while knowing they are giving their grandchildren a gift that will last long after they are gone - the gift of special memories.

Planning is the number one tip for any successful vacation!! "Do your homework" on the destination, ask lots of questions and research it. Kids can do this too and you can share the information. This is a way to get excited about the trip before you even start packing.

Grandparents should discuss the itineraries with the grandchildren. Their input is very important.

Understanding that grandparents cant always keep up with the energy of their young counterparts, many packages are created with kids only components that allow the rest of the group to catch their breath.

Plan your packing strategy. It is easier to talk about it first to avoid duplicating items and having to handle heavier luggage.

It's never to early to start thinking about souveniers. Try to think about whom you are buying for. Kids often enjoy themed gifts, such as T-shirts from each place that they visit.

Explain to grandchildren who is in charge. They need to know that and be on their best behavior.

Be a courteous visitor. Remember that you a guest in the places that you are visiting.

Have fun! This can be the greatest experience for both generations!!

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