Planning the Trip

For those of you tasked with planning a reunions -- or just looking for a great place to go with a group of grandparents, parents and grandchildren -- here are some ideas to use.

** Do a little reading on the subject. If you're planning a reunion, take a look at the "Family Reunion Handbook" by Tom Ninkovich and Barbara Brown, or Reunions Magazine. "Family Reunion Handbook" can be purchased for $14.95 in bookstores, or ordered by calling or writing to: Reunion Research, 40609 Auberry Road, Auberry, CA 93602; (209) 855-2101. Reunions Magazine has a site on the web Reunions Magazine. The magazine comes out four times each year, and a workbook can also be purchased.

** Talk to participants to learn more about what they would like to do on the trip, as well as interests and activities. Ask about the type of destination they would be most interested in: urban or remote; beach or mountains; near family hometowns or a new, far-off place.

** Be honest about budgets. Learn more about what family members can afford, and what they are willing to spend.

** Decide how decisions will be made. Will it be democratic, or "whatever the grandparents want to do this year".

** Determine how much "togetherness" time will work well for family members. Most reunion and intergenerational travel experts agree that it's best for adults to have the opportunity for a break, while children can be with other kids or similar ages or involved in fun activities.

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