American Airlines' New Senior Travel Club

Attention Grandparents! American Airlines' Active American Travel Club

American Airlines has a new Senior Travel Club. If you're 62 or older, you can take out a membership in the airline's AActive American Traveler Club for $45 annually that gives you access to domestic air fares for Monday-to-Thursday travel starting at $98 round-trip, and international air fares beginning at $198. A companion membership is $75 yearly, you can get the same prices for a second person. And that second person need not also be 62 or older--in fact, it turns out that many companion members are grandchildren of the original member. Best of all, the companion need not be the same person each time you use the second ticket.

The cost of air tickets is based on a zone system--there are eight within the continental U.S., with an additional zone for Alaska and Hawaii. In most cases, if you're traveling within your region or the adjoining one, the cost of a domestic fare for both you and your companion starts at $49 each way, for a round-trip total of $98. For international travel, the same off-peak fares start at $198 for a round-trip fare. These prices are for all flights between October 1st and March 31st, 2001 (with some obvious black-out dates during holiday periods), and the price remains the same whether the destination's in its high, low, or shoulder season. For flights on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, a $20 surcharge each way applies. Enrollment in the club entitles you to various discounts on American Airlines vacation packages as well as rental cars, hotels, cruises, and golf. For information, call (800)421-5600 or visit the club's Web site, www.aa-aatc.com.

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