GrandTravel is a travel agency in Maryland that is dedicated to grandparents traveling together with their grandchildren. Helena T. Kong, owner of Grandtravel is proud of her vacations that share the pleasures of travel with the two generations.

Grandtravel trips are developed by a team of teachers, psychologists, and leisure counselors to help grandparents create lasting memories for themselves and their grandchildren. The itineraries are appealing to both generations. Typically ages 7-17 get the most out of the experience. There are opportunities for the travelers to have private time together. Peer activities are also scheduled on trips. This gives each generation time to be themselves.

Trips are scheduled during the summer and there are two new excursions for December around the holidays. The holiday destinations are New York and London and Paris. Itineraries include the Nation's Capital, Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Grand Canyon, Western Parks, Hawaii, Alaska. Ireland, England and Scotland. London and Paris, Holland and Belgium, French Countryside, Italy, Germany, Spain, Kenya and Australia.

"Kenya is our number one destination", said Helena T. Koenig. It is a great trip that includes first-class hotels, meals, deluxe motorcoach transportation, experienced tour guide, admission fees to attractions, and taxes. Each Grandtraveler also receives a photo album, travel diary, and a travel bag.

For more information on Grandtravel, call (800) 247-7651 or visit them on the web Grandtravel

Eileen Ogintz, award winning author of Taking the Kids books and column suggests that you Finding A Family-Friendly Travel Agent to help plan any vacation with children. "The Sierra Club (Sierra Club) sponsors grandparent-grandchild trips", said Ogintz. She also suggested any resort that offers organized kids programs, the grandchildren can get to play while the grandparents can have some time on their own.

The Foundation for Grandparenting sponsors a week long intergenerational camp at the Sagamore. For more information on the camp, check out their web site Foundation for Grandparenting .

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