South Carolina: Dolphins of Calibogue Sound

There was a time (up until several years ago) when feeding the wild dolphins in Calibogue Sound was legal. When we visited Sea Pines during that time, we'd take a small boat out into the Sound and the dolphins would surround us. Then we'd take turns jumping into the water to swim with them. They were so friendly! They'd waterski with us, encircle us, and we'd generally all have a great time together. Then, it was determined that feeding the dolphins was unnatural and not in their best interests, and feeding was banned. Even though it's now illegal to feed the dolphins, they still come out to play. Last summer, one or two were kind enough to swim with me for awhile in the Sound, and we saw tons of them.

If dolphins are your thing, think about visiting Sea Pines Plantation on Hilton Head Island. The resort is fantastic for families, with organized children's programs, a great beach, super golf and tennis, and nice trails for biking and jogging. Horseback riding is also available. Best of all, those dolphins are still waiting for you in Calibogue Sound. Just rent a boat at the marina or take one of the boat trips. Don't feed them, but take a swim, waterski and enjoy the view. Maybe they'll come and play for awhile! For more information on Sea Pines Plantation visit www.seapines.com or call 888-807-6873.

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