Hawaii: Hulopoe Beach

Do you love to snorkel? Love having fish all around you, not to mention turtles and spinner dolphin? If all those things are tops on your list, think about visiting Hulopoe Beach on the Island of Lana'i. The white sand crescent beach is absolutely spectacular, but what's under the water (and sometimes on top of it!) is even better. This is a marine-life conservation area, and the coral and marine life are plentiful. Spinner dolphins can often be seen cavorting from shore, and will sometimes swim along side boats and people.

You can get to Hulopoe Beach via ferry from Lahaina on Maui, or on one of the snorkeling trips with boat operators such as Trilogy. If you decide you'd like to stay in this paradise, check out the Manele Bay Resort on Lana'i. It sits on a promontory overlooking Hulopoe Beach, and offers plush accommodations, an excellent children's program, tennis, golf, and superb restaurants. For more information on Manele Bay, call (800) 321-4666 or visit them on the web at www.manelebayhotel.com

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