Backyard Camp Out

Pack up your camping gear and journey into your backyard for an overnight camping adventure. Camping out so close to home has many advantages, such as nearby running water, clean bathrooms, and a full-service kitchen. You can roast marshmallows (on your barbecue) and tell ghost stories. The kids will love it!

Make it a memorable event by getting everyone involved. Each family member can have a special job in this outdoor adventure. Rather than thinking of it as being in your backyard, imagine that you are in some exotic location like the Australian Outback or a National Park? You can make decorations in advance to remind you of your special location, or bring along stories that echo the same theme. Check out this article on Kid-Style Camping for some great ideas.

Have fun on this mini-getaway by letting the family plan games and activities. You can also use this adventure as a "warm up" for a future camping excursion, or a good indicator of how your family would be on a real camping trip. Check out our Camping & RVing Checklist for those "must take" items. The beauty of the backyard location is that you can easily run home to retrieve anything that was forgotten.

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Backyard Camp-Out

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