Go Leaf Watching

When the leaves begin to change colors in autumn, it's like Mother Nature has opened a brand new box of crayons and is filling in the landscape with beautiful colors. The colorful backdrops are a lovely setting for outdoor activities and adventures -- not to mention great pictures for your family scrapbook.

Fall Mountain Getaways provides suggestions on great family-friendly resorts and mountain locations that are perfect spots to enjoy the beauty of the season. While you're out hiking, biking, or just viewing the spectacular fall foliage, make sure to take along paper bags the kids can use to collect their colorful leaves, seed pods, and other items they find. These can be used in arts and crafts activities when you get home.

There are some great sites online to check out the fall foliage. Here are a few of our favorites:
New England Foliage Central - Autumn in New England www.foliagenetwork.com

USDA Forest Service - Fall Colors

STORMFAX® Fall Foliage Guide

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