Picnic at the Park

Is your family having one of those lazy days? Sometimes there's nothing more fun than packing up a picnic lunch and taking the kids to the park. It's one of our kids' favorite fall treats!

Our family makes this into a memorable event by getting everyone involved. Each family member gets to select something to include in the picnic basket. Sometimes we'll take fried chicken, but on other occasions we've grilled chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, or even made pizza to take along. We always make room in our basket for those autumn favorites: fresh apples and cold apple cider.

If your park doesn't have great hiking, biking, fishing, or canoeing facilities, plan some fun of your own. Create a scavenger hunt for the kids, run races, or collect colorful leaves to use in crafts on one of the park's picnic tables or at home. You can also bring along a board game to play on the table after lunch is done.

Best of all -- there's no fuss about cleanup. Just gather up those paper plates and cups and take them to the trash. Sometimes, especially for busy parents, that may be the most fun of all!

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