Purina Farms Ralston Purina Company
Route 2
Gray Summit, MO 63039
(314) 982-3232

Animal lovers will enjoy a visit to Purina Farms, as it's much more like a family petting zoo than an in-depth look at animal food. You'll find exhibits on how pet food is manufactured, pet nutrition, and the sight and smell abilities of dogs and cats. Videos are also shown, providing a history of the company and a glimpse of how animals add much to our lives.

The highlight of the trip, however, is the Farm Animal Barn where you can see cows, horses, hogs and rabbits, frolic in the hayloft, milk a cow, or pet some baby animals. Inside the Pet Center, you'll be able to cuddle and play with a whole host of dogs and cats.

Open: Open mid-March to mid-November only. Hours and days vary by season. Call for further details. Closed on holidays.

Age Limits: None.

Cost: Free.

Reservations: Reservations are required.

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