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From April 27 through December 31, 1997, the Fernbank Museum is displaying PLANET DINOSAUR, a 10,000 square foot exhibit which includes a collection of dinosaur skeletons never seen outside of China. This great new exhibit was recommended to us by AOL Member Cash1313. It includes some of the latest finds from the world of dinosaurs -- from locations in China, North Africa, and Argentina -- and also features the largest meat-eating dinosaur ever found!

Here you'll see Sauropods, Theropods, Stegosaurs, Ceratopsians (with their huge horns and decorative frills!), Ornithopods, and others. In addition to amazing skeletons, the PLANET DINOSAUR exhibit includes videos, audio features, digitally mastered photographs, and illustrations from around the world. World maps show where fossils are found today, and you'll meet Dale Russell, a leading scientist who studies how dinosaurs may have become extinct. The Museum is open Monday through Saturday from 10-5, and Sundays from 12-5.

Don't miss this exhibit -- Cash1313 tells us it's excellent!

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