P.O. Box 27
Gering, NE 69341
(308) 668-2211

Over 19 million years ago, hundreds of animals died at this site of mysterious causes. Their demise formed one of the richest mammalian fossil bone beds in the United States, with discoveries still taking place today. Here you'll find the two-toed, rhino-like Menoseras, and an interesting mix of horse and rhino called Moropus. The excellent visitors center provides a close look at fossils from the bone beds, as well as facts on the site's history.

Another interesting Nebraska site is Ashfall Fossil Beds State Park in Royal, once an ancient watering hole. Huge numbers of prehistoric mammals met their deaths here when a sudden volcanic eruption emitted such a thick cloud of ash that the animals were covered before they could escape. For more information on this historical park, call (402) 893-2000.

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